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Hello everyone!

I hope that people are able to use this guide as a way to take some of the grind away from getting into raids, and boil down some of the fastest ways someone can get a toon from being a fresh level 90 in leveling gear into a LFR ready toon. My goal is to include any additional information or changes as I can, so feel free to comment below or PM me as I've already added several notes in that were suggested to me.


Note on the Charm System:

There are three types of charms in MoP - Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, Elder Charms of Good Fortune, and Mogu Runes of Fate.

Lesser Charms of Good Fortune are earned by doing daily quests and by killing mobs in daily quest areas (and Battlefield Barrens areas). Once you have 50 of them, you can turn them in at Shrine for 3 Mogu Runes of Fate.

Mogu Runes of Fate are used for bonus rolls in Throne of Thunder (Both 10 man and LFR) as well as for Nalak. You get 502 gear on the rolls from LFR, and 522 gear from Nalak as well as ToT (ToT can also ahve Thunderforged weapons drop, which I believe are ilevel 530(+?)). You only get 3 a week and can hold up to 10 at one time.

Elder Charms of Good Fortune used to be what Mogu Runes of Fate are now (3 a week for 50 lesser charms) however in 5.2 this changed and they became available from doing Treasure Runs. You can hold up to 20 of them, and in a good week you can get 8-10 from a treasure run. I touch on how to get into the runs later.

Pre 90

- Send yourself a rep token if you can in order to champion a faction (click the star on your rep list) in order to get bonus reputation from your first dungeon (and scenario at 90) per day. Rep tokens are BoA items like aSunreaver Onslaught Insignia. They're generally not readily available for your first 90, but make rep on alts faster and easier.

-Justice Points are fantastic, save them all until you hit the cap then buy honor. You will be buying honor gear (476 PvP epics count for your raidfinder ilevel!)

-Check the guild professions tab in game (J to bring up the guild pane -> Roster -> View (Top Tab) -> Professions -> Check Tailor/Leatherworker/BS depending on what class you are) and make arrangements with a crafter in guild [Sometimes we can help with mats too!] to get a full set of 458 pvp blues available immediately once you turn 90. Don't forget about 450 JC Rings/Amulets!

Freshly 90

*Note on ilevel: LFR / Raidfinder will take the highest value ilevel per slot that you have held on your toon. Gear not equipped but in your bags COUNTS* - More on this later!

-Equip all of your blue PVP gear (head / shoulder / chest / hands / wrist / belt / boots / ring / amulet are the AVAILABLE slots for 450 - 458 gear. This should help raise you past the heroic minimum ilevel (430something). There is also 476/496 crafted gear available as well, but they take blood spirits and may be prohibitively expensive to create.

5.2 Unlock - Townlong Steppes Starting location, you MUST do the first solo instance to be able to travel around the map to get to Nalak (World boss, watch trade for groups - drops 522 Tier 15 Gear / Conquest PvP gear) and to do island bosses (ask in guild if you need help!) to get a Key for a Treasure Run (see links above for more info) in order to get Elder Charms - Extra loot rolls in 5.0 raids!

5.3 Questline - This questline that starts at Loremaster Cho in the top of the palace in Vale. Do the entire questline for 502 boots and to unlock Battlefield Barrens.

Battlefield Barrens - Weekly quest that you get at the end of the 5.3 questline - Turn in 150 of each resource and get a Mojo that you can combine with a Kor’kron Item (head/gloves/chest/legs/shoulders/belt) (we stock them in the GB so feel free to donate extras!) for a 489 piece of gear with random-ish stats.

***The Guild currently has a Battlefield Barrens night that makes the weekly go super fast - Check the guild calendar for the date/time and come beat up on the minions of Garrosh!***

-Check reputations your reputations (you can see my guide on this topic here) - if your Sunreavers Onslaught up to Honored, you can buy an epic belt for gold!

-Convert Justice Points into Honor on top of Garrosh's building, buy pvp gear to fill in your lowest remaining ilevel slots.

Note: Tol Barad (Easy) / Wintergrasp (More Work) and the related dailies all still give GOOD honor AND the bonus honor from winning (Place your 15% guild battle standard that you can buy from guild vendors before the timers expire) and from weekly quest turn ins (if you wait for your banner to come back up, you can place it then turn in daily quests for 15% bonus honor as well). Check the BG screen for TB/WG run times. The alliance generally will NOT show up to contest the win.

-Watch for Sha/galleon/Nalak groups - try to have tokens for bonus rolls (Elder Charms for T14 stuff, Mogu Runes of Fate for T15 stuff) - You will need 50 lesser charms of good fortune from dailies / killing some types of mobs in order to get Mogu runes of fate!

- Ask in guild if anyone wants to do a heroic - with a guild group you more than likely can ask for and trade for remaining slot upgrades (stats don't matter, only the ilevel matters as you don't have to equip them items) - Let people know you want to do this ahead of time to minimize DE rolls!

So now you want to raid!

Once you get to a 460 ilevel (The SECOND "overall" number is what counts) - Make sure you have Elder Chars of Good Fortune for bonus rolls and head into LFR - you can check atlasloot / armory ahead of time to know what bosses to roll on for what slots if you don't have enough Elder Charms),

Once you hit a 470 ilevel you can do Heart of Fear parts 1 / 2 and Terrace of Endless Spring - T14 tokens and Sha Touched weapons drop in these two!

Once you hit a 480 ilevel be sure you do the Heroic Scenario quest for a 516 epic back shoulder or possibly a weapon as well as you can start to que for Throne of Thunder LFR

The guild is not composed of heroes. Heroes are what the guild kills.

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