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re: NEW CONTEST - Anti Alliance Propaganda


I am seeking the dankest Memesmiths and Photoshop Artists in the land to help launch a new campaign against the vile members of the alliance. Thanks to the Warcraft Movie (Llane) and Legions (Varian), this year has been a plentiful year when it comes to Kingslaying in Azeroth, however I’ve been disappointed in the quality of the propaganda that could have been.


Therefore, I invite all members of Sundesmos, long time Vanguard of the Horde on Dunemaul, to take part in a new contest. Create the very best meme or piece of larger propaganda you can that relates to the deaths of both of the pathetic alliance kings mentioned above, while including some fantastic Game of Thrones “Fuck the King” spice.


I’ve got 10,000 gold for the best entry in EITHER category - meme and photoshop art, and will use the top submissions to help to create a recruitment post for the guild.  If there are entries from our cross server friends, I’ll figure something else fun out for a prize. All entries should be posted in this thread to be official, but I encourage posting them in discord and sharing them with the traitorous alliance that still linger on the fringes.  



Talk to Ant if you have any questions.



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